This committee is made up of members of the Board of Directors. Make financial recommendations to the Board of Directors. Plan budget for upcoming year. Fiscal year is October 1 through September 30. Dues year is January 1 through December 31. An independent audit is done after September 30 and is based on cash in and out through that period of time. Tax form completed by an accountant and submitted to the IRS by February 15 of each year.



Review and understand Bylaws. Continue to meet National Association of Realtors® requirements to receive errors and omission insurance. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Facilitates membership meetings with Host Offices to comply with Core Standards. Develops current list of venues and speakers for Host Offices.


Keep abreast of issues within Jefferson County. Arranges REALTOR® and Government Day program. Supports Fair Housing by providing information to Realtors and the public though newsletter and website


Set up and start Realtors® Political Action Committee campaign. Attend Wisconsin Realtor® Association’s Realtor® Political Action Committee training program. Establish monetary goal for the year.


Distribute notices to local papers and all social media pertaining to membership meetings and guest speakers. Recognition of members with pictures and articles. Make plans for other ways to promote the REALTOR® image. The spokesperson for the Board is always the President. President will submit “Real Estate Facts’ to newspapers.


Committee consists of three members with one being the chairperson. Committee is to choose potential candidates for each of the positions to be filled. Starting in April, scout out potential candidates to fill vacancies. Make sure the slate of Candidates is published in the Newsletter in May. Committee conducts the election via ballot at a time and place to be determined by the Board.


(Golf, Holiday, Charitable Event- currently Hospice) Work with the Host office to plan and organize the Holiday party and the Golf Outing. Make plans and reservations well in advance. Set date and place for Holiday Party, Golf Outing and Charitable Event at least 6 months in advance. Obtain facility, menu, prizes, donations, etc. Write an article for the newsletter thanking those who gave assistance and donations. Committee chair to prepare a wrap up report for the Board of Directors.


Committee is made up of three members, one being from the Board of Directors. Announces and distributes applications for scholarships. Board awards two scholarships to encourage members to attend Real Estate education courses. Upon a receipt for class, check is given to scholarship winners. Establish specific criteria for awarding scholarships.


Arrange program to coincide with National Realtor Safety Week and coordinate speaker with Host office.


Recruit new offices and affiliates. Welcome new members.

Committee Chairman Responsibilities

1. Set committee objectives and appoint a co-chairman at first committee meeting of the year. Co-chairmen are encouraged to step up to become the chair the following year. Review objectives from the previous year’s committee. Inform the President and AE and invite him/her to your meetings.

2. Set a calendar of meetings.

3. All expenditures and recommended activities must be approved by the Board of Directors.

4. Committee is to carry out its own programs-Board, AE will help when needed. Contact AE before ordering or purchasing supplies and materials as we may already have them available.

5. Committee Chairman is responsible for having notes taken of the committee meetings. If an item in the notes requires action, or is important to the Board, a motion is in order.

6. Committee Chairman is responsible for written reports for the newsletter. Articles are due the second to the last Monday of the month.

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